Remy & Max want to celebrate all that makes us human, what makes us special. At Remy & Max we embrace the lost art of tea making and want to give people the opportunity to serve our tea to perfection and create special moments everyday. From humble beginnings in 2007 located in the regional heart of Orange NSW, we started to travel the world to bring the finest quality teas to your day. We have developed blends that are sustainably sourced, rich in culture and flavour, giving you an experience, not just a cup of tea.

At Remy & Max, we want people to have depth and delight in their lives. Our teas should be used to create times & places to share special moments with family, friends and lovers. As the world around us spins faster we encourage people to stop and think, slow down, re-calibrate and turn down their busy lives. It’s time to remember what is important, our family, friends and those we love. The people in front of us, not our phones.

Everyday we're on a quest to create the best quality, flavour and most sustainable sourced teas we can, so you can have a special moment everyday for yourself or with someone special. Our commitment to tea is unwavering, our passion is unquestioned, our tea is unforgettable.

Remy & Max - create a special moment everyday